AC Repair

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A malfunctioning air conditioning system can be a huge inconvenience.  Systems break down, hoses burst and refrigerant leaks.  Leaking refrigerant can be especially harmful to the well being of your vehicle, bringing about pricey damages to your vehicle’s evaporator and compressor.  Leaking refrigerant is also harmful to the environment.  For these reasons, it is important to service your vehicle’s air conditioner at the first sign of trouble.  A trained service professional can repair any issues and inspect the vehicle for further damage.  If your car’s air conditioner is acting up, come to Mike’s Automotive for a full AC service and repair before the repairs and costs start adding up.


Have an air conditioning system that’s just not working?  It could be due to the following.

  1. The air conditioner compressor is broken.
  2. The belt isn’t on the compressor or doesn’t fit properly.
  3. Freon has leaked out of the system.
  4. The low pressure cut off switch is broken.
  5. The relay is out.
  6. The AC switch is broken.


At Mike's we offer:

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