The Importance of Routine Oil Changes

According to, “Over 5% of the accidents that occur today are due to poor or a total lack of car maintenance.” Routine oil changes are a necessary part of proper car maintenance.  According to the general rule, you should get an oil change every 4-6 months or 5,000 miles.  Why is this so important?  Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle.  Without it, your car can’t function at its highest level.  Oil changes remove harmful pollutants from your car’s system and lubricate your engine to reduce friction. They also ensure you get the best gas mileage out of your vehicle, saving you money at the gas pump.  As important as it is to get your oil changed, it is equally important to make sure your car is getting the right oil.  That’s why it’s important to hire out a professional to do the job right.  The professionals at Mike’s Automotive are ready to help.  Don’t wait.  Contact us today to schedule your next oil change!

Air Conditioning Repair at a Low Price in Fort Smith

Warm weather is upon us and we all know how relentless the Arkansas heat is  That means your vehicle needs a working air conditioning unit.  Mike’s Automotive offers full service AC maintenance and repair.  What sets Mike’s apart from other automotive repair shops in the area?  We understand how costly repair fees can be, so we look for ways to save you money.  One of the ways we save you money on AC repairs is through our unique hose repair process. This process is conducted as follows:

  1. Remove the fitting from existing hose
  2. Sand and polish the hose and prepare to add new fitting
  3. Solder the new fitting onto existing hose
  4. Securely clamp the fitting onto new hose using the hose crimper

By repairing existing hoses, we can ensure you receive quality work at the greatest value. For more information on our air conditioning repair services, visit our website at

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